Historical Fact #1 - East Camp Health Lodge

N 42.31813        W 071.99548

Elevation: 751'


On this spot was located Treasure Valley’s first Health Lodge, a gift of the Aletheia Grotto, built in 1939.  In 1966, this building was named the Dr. Karl T. Benedict Health Lodge, in honor of Dr. Benedict, who served for decades as the camp’s consulting physician.

This building burned down in a spectacular night-time fire during summer camp in 1970.  Staff member Albert Guglietti (who later went on to a career in the U.S. Navy submarine service) was credited with evacuating two campers from the burning building.

In 1973 a wooden shower house was built on this location (replacing two smaller shower houses in other parts of camp). That structure was torn down in the fall of 1993 and the present concrete block shower house that you see before you was completed in 1994.

Council built a new Health Lodge near the rifle range in 1971 maintain the name in honor of Dr. Benedict.  This building continues to serve as the Health Lodge to the present day.

 TVAA fact provided by Mike McQuaid on May 1, 2022


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