Historical Fact #4 - Chapel at Point Point & Pine Point Water Front

N 42.31642        W 071.99632 

Elevation: 747'

Pine Point is the location of Treasure Valley’s original waterfront.  The photograph above is from the 1934 camp brochure.  This dock system had four diving boards and a slide.  It was destroyed in the hurricane of 1938, which laid waste to much of the camp’s forests.  However, Pine Point continued as a waterfront for many years.  In the “baby boom” era of the late 1950s and 1960s, Treasure Valley had so many campers that two waterfronts were needed – Pine Point and the Carr Waterfront (built in 1947).

When West Camp opened in 1973, Pine Point was discontinued as a working waterfront but remained available for troop swims.  It was finally closed as a waterfront at some point in the 1980s and is today a fishing area.

If you look around the Pine Point area, you will see a large boulder.  It sits upon some old stonework, which sits atop an old well.  In the early years of Treasure Valley, there was a hand powered water pump built into the stonework.  That pump served as the only source of drinking water in the lower part of camp, and campers had to carry water by hand back to their campsites.  Today’s Scouts have life a little easier!

In addition to the fishing area, Pine Point is also the location of Treasure Valley’s new Chapel area, completed by the Treasure Valley Alumni Association in May 2022.

TVAA fact provided by Mike McQuaid on May 10, 2022

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