Historical Fact #10 - Town Three Points

N 42.31940        W 071.99384

Elevation: 792'

Walking downhill on the Main Road, have you ever noticed a strange looking stone standing up on the right hand side, just before you reach the East Lodge parking lot? 

That stone is a boundary marker separating three of the four towns in which Treasure Valley is located:  Rutland, Paxton, and Oakham.  By walking quickly around the stone, you can visit all three towns in under 5 seconds!!  (The fourth town is Spencer, to the south of camp.)

If you look carefully on the stone, you may be able to make out years carved or painted on the stone.  This is because years ago (and possibly still today!), the selectmen of the town were required to walk (perambulate?) the boundaries of the town and indicate the year of their walk on key boundary markers.

Phil Thompson (Treasure Valley camper 1927?-1929) told this writer that his campsite (Nipmuc) was at the location of the current East Lodge (built 1936).  He said that his cot was over a large flat stone that marked the intersection of the three towns.  He further reported that this stone was moved when the Main Road was continued downhill to Pine Point.  This writer once ran across a survey map in which this discrepancy was noted.