The Treasure Valley Alumni Association has hidden 10 caches across camp highlighting our 100 year history. Each cache may have a patch from another council that you can collect – but please consider leaving a patch if you take one. To access the coordinates of the TVAA Geocaching sites visit the Camp Office for the search sheet. On the back of each cache there is a “code” you need to write to your sheet to demonstrate you have found all the caches. After completing the search return it to the Camp Office and we’ll recognize you all at the final campfire when camp is in session.

This is a closed course and not available to the public on any public facing geocaching sites.

Best of luck.

Thanks to Mike McQuaid and Aaron Langlois who provided the historical facts for each site.

Course developed by Jon Allen (TVSR staff 89-92), Mike Josti (TVSR staff 87-88), Dean Desautels (TVSR staff 88-93), and Aaron Langlois (TVSR staff 93-96, 2000, 02, 04,16-19, 21).

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