Historical Fact #2  - Pachachaug Point - Formerly Chapel Point

N 42.32013        W 071.99702

Elevation: 772'

Pachachaug Point, formerly known as Chapel Point, was the location of the Chapel A-Frame.  This remarkable structure was built in 1978 as the gift of the Wesley Methodist Church of Worcester.  It served as the site of religious services for both East and West Camps in 1978 and 1979, then for East Camp (on and off) through 2018.


In June of 2019, in the process of replacing the roof shingles, it was discovered that the roof had decayed beyond the point of repair.  Regrettably, the only alternative was to demolish the structure.  A new Chapel location was found at Pine Point in East Camp, and this facility, funded and built by the Treasure Valley Alumni Association, was completed and dedicated in May 2022.


As it would no longer be the location of the Chapel, this area was renamed Pachachaug Point in honor of Pachachaug Lodge.  Pachachaug Lodge 525 was the Order of the Arrow lodge associated with Mohegan Council and Treasure Valley, and operated from the lodge’s founding in 1957 until Mohegan Council merged with Nashua Valley Council in late 2018.


Pachachaug (one of many spellings), in the language of the Nipmuck Indians, means “the land where the river turns” or, more simply, “turning point.”  For 61 years, Pachachaug Lodge was truly a turning point in the lives of thousands of young men as they lived out the OA principles of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service.


Pachachaug Point is today the jumping off point for Treasure Valley’s famous “swamp romp.”

TVAA fact provided by Mike McQuaid - May 10, 2022

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